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Generations v5 to 8 - Data Conversion Service


If you have found us here on the internet you are obviously concerned about transferring your family tree data to a more modern software application or an online family tree.

We are no longer able to carry out conversions of Generations files but rest assured your data can be transferred using the gedcom export facility in the Generations program. Due to the way the program was written over two decades ago the transfer is not perfect but the key infomation and relationships will transfer without too much trouble. Sources, notes and other extra data may need some considerable tidying up after transfer. If you are keen to move to a program that is a good replacement for Generations then click here to find out more about Family Historian.

If you no longer have the Sierra Generations Family Tree program installed on a computer it is still possible to download the program for a small fee from this site and install it temporarily on Windows 10 computers. You may then open up a Generations UDS data file to extract your data in gedcom format.

For even more information about generations and some FAQs please click here.

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