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Map of Yorkshire c. 1621 (Digital Download)

Map of Yorkshire c. 1621 (Digital Download)

Ref: YKS1621MAP

Map of Yorkshire c.1621

This is a digital download copy of an extremely old map of the whole of Yorkshire originally drawn by hand back in 1621. It shows town, villages, rivers and manorial type settlements. We think the map we have is as close to the original as possible as it has the points of the compass in Latin whereas the more modern reproductions of the map we have seen have North, South, East and West instead and a few place names spelt differently.
The inset image showing York gives an idea of the detail shown on the map. The map has been scanned at a high resolution making the file size quite large but we feel this is necessary to preserve every last detail of the original map.

NOTE: The original map is printed on paper that is now as brown as wrapping paper but we have managed to digitally remove the brown colour to make the map more legible. The original size of the map is about A2 size if you wish to print out a copy.

Price: 4.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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