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Family Historian 30 Day Free Trial Download

Family Historian 30 Day Free Trial Download


Thanks to Calico Pie the publishers of this software we are able to provide a trial version of this top selling Family Tree Software.

About the Demo
The trial version of Family Historian is a full working version of the program that you can use tfor 30 days. It is based on version 6 of Family Historian. It allows you to:
  • Start working on your family tree today whilst we deliver the full boxed version to your door
  • View and work with tutorial files that it provides using all the facilities of Family Historian
  • Input your own data from scratch
  • View and work with your own family tree data if you already have any. To do this, you will need to use your current family tree program to save your data as a GEDCOM (5.5) file.

To install the Family Historian trial, download the installation program (install_fh6.2.5_dl.exe). Save the program to your hard disk and then run it.
To download the trial version please visit our other website https://www.my-history.co.uk/acatalog/Family-Historian-v6-30-Day-Trial-Version-FHDEMO.html#SID=23

Be sure to visit the www.my-history.co.uk to purchase the boxed version when you are ready. If you pay for the download version you will not be entitled to free support from My History.

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