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Family Historian Software Version 6

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Family Historian 6 Deluxe Genealogy Software

V6 Now in stock
39.50 including delivery worldwide

Excellent 100% British and 100% GEDCOM compliant family history program! Family Historian was used by the makers of the hit BBC series "Who Do You Think You Are?". Your family tree deserves nothing less!

Click here to download install_fh6.0.0_dl.exe (27Mb) 30 Day Trial Version.

Low inclusive prices - the price advertised is the price you'll pay no matter where you live!

Family Historian V6 Full Retail Box

Family Historian V6 Full Retail Box

Price: 39.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: CPFH6

Family Historian Features

About Family Historian 6 See the full product details below including a product tour on the authors web site

A trial version of this top selling Family Tree Software program is available to download.

About the Trail Version This is a working version of version 6 that you can use to try out Family Historian for yourself.

It allows you to:

  • View and work with Tutorial files that it provides using all the facilities of Family Historian
  • View and work with your own family tree data if you already have any. To do this, you will need to use your current family tree program to save your data as a GEDCOM (5.5) file.

To install Family Historian trial version, download the installation program Familly Historian Trial (27Mb). Save the program to your hard disk and then run it.



Family Historian is a new kind of family tree program, with a new and different design philosophy. It was launched at the Society of Genealogists Family History Fair at Westminster, London in May 2002. Over the years it has been updated, and now we are currently on Version 6.

Family Historian has several unique features that are really powerful and user-friendly. For example, add people to your database by simply clicking and dragging away (up, sideways or down) from an existing person in a tree. That's right, data entry in the trees themselves, just as you would on paper!

Family Historian comes with extensive on-screen help.

We believe that Family Historian offers the best diagram (or chart) facilities of any family tree application. In Family Historian, diagrams are tightly integrated into the way you work. You use them not just for printing, but also for browsing and editing. As well as Ancestor, Descendant and ‘Hourglass' diagrams, Family Historian also has a unique All Relatives diagram, which really does allow you to view all your relatives (including in-laws) in a way that looks great and is easy to understand. Relatives of the same type (all first cousins, all second cousins, etc) are laid out in the same row; so you can read off how people are related, from the (optional) row labels.

If you would like to try before buy. Family Historian 6 can be enjoyed for 1 month for free. Please click on the link above to download the trial version.

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