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The Master Genealogist v 8

An advanced program available in Silver and Gold editions depending on the range of reports and charts required.

What has happened to the Master Genealogist (TMG)?

TMG was an excellent program in its time and ranked highly in the eyes of many experienced genealogist. For various reasons Wholly Genes the publishers have now stopped producing this program. TWR discontinued selling and supporting the program in 2013 due to the difficulties in supporting the program on Windows 7. We were also disappointed in the lack of new development to the program and could see that most development appeared to be sorting out issues surrounding the continuing use of the program in the ever changing Windows operating system.

We were also aware of an extremely good alternative that not only did everything better than TMG but also worked with a more modern interface and a programming language that was not going out of date. We recommend that you take a look at Family Historian. Family Historian will import your files directly into the program without the need to convert your data into a gedcom file thus making the transfer of your precious family tree data easier and more accurate.

If you have updated your computer and have lost access to your data project in the Master Genealogist then we can help. We have a data conversion service where we can tage an old TMG data file and convert it for you into a gedcom file.

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Buy 3 or more for 33.00  each