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Family Tree Book Pages - Download Files

Family Tree Book Pages - Download Files


Family Tree Book Pages for Printing

We have been asked many times over the years to sell books for you to write up your family details. We have now published some A4 Family Tree Book pages for you to use and then insert into a binder. These attractive double sided pages are available as PDF templates for you to download and type in your details then print or hand write.

The pages when printed work extremely well in our springback binders sold on our other website.


Title page
Contents page
Family Record page / continuation page
Individual Record page / continuation page
Photo page (double sided)
Census Records page (double sided)
Source Record page (double sided)
Index page (double sided)

Pages have:
Spaces for vital information, Cross referencing to page numbers, Links to source pages, Space for notes, Links for multiple marriages, Continuation sheets, Links up and down generations.

These pages not only form a book but they will also help you to organise the information you gather about your ancestors and their families.

The double sided pages are supplied as individual templates for double sided (recommended) or single sided printing on your printer at home.

There are many book versions of this type of system for recording your family information but the publishers decide how many of each page to print whereas with our loose leaf system you decide what pages are needed and errors may be easily discarded and replaced.

If you would prefer to purchase these pages preprinted on archive quality acid free paper then please go to www.my-history.co.uk

This pack is for the sole use of the purchaser and must not be copied or made available to anyone outside the original household. The digital files must not be made available online, modified or altered in any way. The original copyright of the pages layouts, design and contents remains with My History (www.my-history.co.uk).

Price: 14.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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