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Guide to Beverley ca 1910 (Digital Download)

Guide to Beverley ca 1910 (Digital Download)

Ref: ERY1910UDL

This slim volume contains a guide to Beverley as it was early in the 20th Century. The Guide is undated but is estimated as being from about 1910 as the latest date mentioned in the text is 1906. The subjects covered by the text are: Origin of the town & early history; History of the municipality; Places of interest. In addition to the text, the guide includes: a sketch map of the Beverley District; 27 pages of advertisements and 13 illustrations.

Some of the pages may appear skewed, this is due to the book and not the scanning process.

Digitally enhanced images of the original text.
Searchable text.
Bookmarked by major headings
Fully printable

The link for the download will appear on your online receipt page and also on the receipt email that you will be sent.

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Price: 2.95 (Including VAT at 20%)

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