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Leicestershire Almanack, 1884 (Digital Download)

Leicestershire Almanack, 1884 (Digital Download)

Ref: LEI1884RLDL

The full title of this publication is "Raithby & Lawrence's Illustrated Almanack, Diary and Compendium of Useful & Interesting Information including a Complete List of Carriers corrected to date.". The illustrations are of the Mayor of Leicester and the Leicester Town Hall.
The contents of this download were scanned from a damaged and largely disbound copy of the Almanack which had lost its back cover before we obtained it. Despite this damage, the download contains a wealth of information, mainly concerning Leicestershire, and consisting of: Calendar, Diary and details of Fairs; Postal Information (Local Deliveries, Summary of Mails Despatched); Carrier's List and details of Licenses; Borough of Leicester (Members of Parliament, Magistrates, Aldermen and Town Councillors, Committee of Town Council, Officers of Borough, &c., Members of School Board, &c., Members of Board of Guardians, &c., Places of Worship, with hours of Service, &c.); County of Leicester - Magistrates, &c.; Articles (The Stamford Bull-Running, Leicester Libraries Old and New, About Bank Notes, Story of Old Bob, Large Men); Persons who have left Fortunes of £100,000 and upwards; The Royal Family and The Ministry; The Work of the Session and The Bankruptcy Act, 1883; Articles (Rich Beggars, Odds and Ends worth Remembering); Table for Cattle Keepers and Lambing Table & Wages and Percentage Tables; Local Obituary; Weather information (Table for ascertaining Moonlight Nights, Rules for Presaging the Weather by the Barometer, Indications of Spring, &c.).
Some of the scanned pages appear not to be straight. This is a feature of the original book rather than the scanning process.

Digitally enhanced images of the original text
Searchable text
Bookmarked by major headings
Fully printable

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