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Philips' ABC Pocket Atlas Guide to London, ca 1930 (Digital Download)

Philips' ABC Pocket Atlas Guide to London, ca 1930 (Digital Download)

Ref: LDN1930aDL

The Atlas bears no date but is thought to be about 1930 as it mentions Northolt Racecourse as being "recently opened". The first race at Northolt was on 4th May 1929. The contents of the Atlas are:
A guide to Transport, Places of Interest etc for the stranger to London, including an Index Map to the Sectional Maps in Plates V to XXII;
24 illustrated pages describing places of interest;
The main atlas of 25 map plates, 18 of which cover, in detail, an area from Willesden & Wimbledon in the west to East Ham & Plumstead in the east and from Stoke Newington in the north to Sydenham in the south (the original printed scale of the detailed maps was 2 inches to the mile, scanning has enlarged the scale);
An ABC Gazetteer of London;
An index of Streets in the Sectional Maps.
Some of the scanned pages appear not to be straight.
This is a feature of the original book rather than the scanning process.

Digitally enhanced images of the original text
Searchable text
Fully printable

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