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Routledge’s Popular Guide To London ca 1875 (Digital Download)

Routledges Popular Guide To London ca 1875 (Digital Download)

Ref: LDN1875GDL

This is the "New edition, Revised and Improved" of Circa 1875. An earlier edition was used by Samuel Clemens on his first visit to London in 1872. In addition to containing the full 198 page text of the book, the download contains scans of the other contents of the book - a map of London, 16 pages of illustrations, 13 pages of advertisements and a 4 page index.

Digitally enhanced images of the original text
Searchable text
Bookmarked by major headings
Fully printable

The link for the download will appear on your online receipt page and also on the receipt email that you will be sent.

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Price: 4.94 (Including VAT at 20%)

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